About us

Chicky Chick is a small scale organic farm in the cozy village – Luyksgestel. Here we are thriving to live in harmony with nature. We grow a diverse array of high quality vegetables and flowers for our local communities. Discover the garden and it’s unique spirit.

We grow a large variety of vegetables, specializing in more colorful and unusual types like purple kohlrabi, Paris gherkins, Yokohama pumpkins and more.

We dedicate about a third of the garden to a diverse assortment of organically grown annual and perennial flowers with focus on support of wildlife. We enjoy sharing the flowers with you at our farmer’s stand and in dry arrangement available on the web shop.

You can visit our stand every day from 7 am to 9 pm and experience the touch on nature in your home through one of the dry flower arrangements available in the web shop. Your purchase supports the movement towards sustainable future in harmony with nature.